Disease Educational Engagement & Materials Services

We develop disease educational materials and programs that include the “patient voice”. We create patient and industry engagement opportunities including launch/implement and management of these programs either online or in-person.  If the development work has already been accomplished, or your company is wondering how to get started, or what is the patient need, our 20 years of direct patient and caregiver engagement & experience can help meet your company’s goal, while meeting this large unmet need.

Our consulting services also include drafting peer reviewed papers, magazine articles, Op-Ed and Newspaper articles, Magazine Cover Tips/Columns and BLOG posts/Guest Blog posts.

  • Educational Materials/Meetings & Events
  • Speaker, Facilitation & Moderation Services
  • Program Development (online & in-person meetings/events)
  • Develop Program
  • Implement Program
  • Program Management
  • Facilitate and Moderate Program
  • Insert the “Patient Voice”
  • Peer Reviewed and Mag/Newspaper Articles, Cover-Tips, Columns
  • Blog Posts